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Laser cutting of sheet metal on the TruLaser L3030 (L20)

Output of the resonator: 4,000 Watts TruLaser L3030 (L20)
Dimensions of metal plates:
      1,500 x 3,000 mms (max.)
Sorts of material:  
      black steel up to 20 mms
      stainless steel up to 15 mms
      aluminium up to 10 mms

Laser production possibilities: oxygen cutting - nitrogen cutting applied to even black sorts of material - microbridge technology - reduced melting losses.

Laser cutting of sheet metal on the TRUMPF L3030

Output of the resonator: 3,200 Watts TRUMPF L3030
Dimensions of metal plates: 1,500 x 3,000 mms (max.)
Sorts of material:   black steel up to 20 mms
stainless steel up to 15 mms
aluminium up to 12 mms

CNC edging on the AMADA HFP-80.25 press

Press power: 800 kNs press AMADA HFP-80.25 control panel of the press AMADA HFP-80.25
Max. bending length: 2,500 mms
Sorts of material:  
      black steel up to 3 mms
      stainless steel up to 2 mms

CNC edging on the AMADA HFE 220.3 press

Press power: 2,200 kNs CNC edging press AMADA HFE 220.3 CNC edging press AMADA HFE 220.3 - detail
Max. bending length: 3,200 mms
Sorts of material:  
      black steel up to 12 mms
      stainless steel up to 10 mms

Two-sided deburring on the SBM-B brushing machine

Brushing machine SBM-B
Material loading: automatically
Max. width: 1000 mm
Maximal metal plate thickness: 20 mm
Speed of feed: 0-5 m/min

Welding shop, fitter's plant and fitting

black, stainless, and even aluminium plates welding
licenced welders certified
material partition
drilling, sinking, grinding
final fitting according to the customer's specification including adaptations after delivery surface finis (hot dip and electrogalvanizing, parent basing, varnishing)
preparing complete parts for exporting

Software equipment supporting construction and production

Solid WORKS 3D - software designed for the 3D shaping of metal plates, parts, sets
Solid Edge 3D - a fully parametric pattern maker, the pattern is made by creating individual construction components and due to that every part records its construction history and any of these components can be editted any time
JETCAM - special software designed for programming parts determined for laser cutting making use of mathematic optimalization algorithms for optimalizing cutting plans reaching up to 20% saving of material
TPV2000 - Production Technical Arrangements Information System
- construction sketching creation, integrated with existing CAD systems
- creation of technological processes and their alternatives up to the level of instruction cards, creation of operation sketches, calculation of material and output standards
- concrete production sketching creation , integrated with systems of process control (ERP/MRP)
- creation of data for a preliminary calculation of the product (business process support)
- assessing the price of the product and analyzing production costs, finding out the capacity demands on the production
- production sketching recording and authorization, production sketching changeable control

Other production capacity possibilities

welding of black and stainless sorts of material
table shears, pillar drilling machines, lathes, milling machines
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