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Information about the firm

OCELTECH, Ltd. provides services in the field of sheet metal processing and forming to its business partners. Besides its production capacity OCELTECH, Ltd. also provides a wide range of services connected with construction and technology consulting and guidance.

In December 2008 OCELTECH, Ltd. was awarded the ISO 9001:2001 certificate confirming the firm had set up and established a quality management system corresponding ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001.

OCELTECH, s.r.o. (Ltd.)
Nádražní 311, 549 54 Police n/Metují
Czech Republic
Firm´s identification number: 274 83 037
Tax identification number: CZ27483037
Bank accounts
Bank account number CZ: 35-6107010257/0100
Exchange account numer: 25-6114780217/0100

We offer

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Laser cutting of sheet metal on the TruLaser L3030 (L20)

Output of the resonator: 4,000 Watts TruLaser L3030 (L20)
Dimensions of metal plates: 1,500 x 3,000 mms (max.)
Sorts of material:   black steel up to 20 mms
stainless steel up to 15 mms
aluminium up to 10 mms

Laser production possibilities: oxygen cutting – nitrogen cutting applied to even black sorts of material – microbridge technology – reduced melting losses.

Laser cutting of sheet metal on the TRUMPF L3030

Laser cutting - TRUMPF L3030
Output of the resonator: 3,200 Watts
Dimensions of metal plates: 1,500 x 3,000 mms (max.)
Sorts of material:   black steel up to 20 mms
stainless steel up to 15 mms
aluminium up to 12 mms

CNC edging on the AMADA HFP-80.25 press

press AMADA HFP-80.25
Press power: 800 kNs
Max. bending length: 2,500 mms
Sorts of material:   black steel up to 3 mms
stainless steel up to 2 mms

CNC edging on the AMADA HFE 220.3 press

CNC edging press AMADA HFE 220.3
Press power: 2,200 kNs
Max. bending length: 3,200 mms
Sorts of material:   black steel up to 12 mms
stainless steel up to 10 mms

Two-sided deburring on the SBM-B brushing machine

Brushing machine SBM-B
Material loading: automatically
Max. width: 1000 mm
Maximal metal plate thickness: 20 mm
Speed of feed: 0-5 m/min

Welding shop, fitter's plant and fitting

black, stainless, and even aluminium plates welding
licenced welders certified
material partition
drilling, sinking, grinding
final fitting according to the customer's specification including adaptations after delivery surface finis (hot dip and electrogalvanizing, parent basing, varnishing)
preparing complete parts for exporting

People working with the firm

Ing. Martin Burdych
agent, business
mobile: +420 606 890 285
tel: +420 491 420 425
fax: +420 491 420 425
Skype:  burdych_oceltech
Production Technical Arrangements and Business Unit
Vitaliy Doroshenko  -  head of department, mobile: +420 606 240 616
Ing. Simona Karlíková  -  orders, mobile: +420 606 621 237
Economics Department
Ing. Simona Karlíková  -  economist, mobile: +420 606 621 237
Production and Logistics Department
Jaromír Kollert  -  head of production, mobile: +420 725 549 413
Karel Pazourek  -  Laser TRUMPF, mobile: +420 606 073 869

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